Michael Sommers

Corporate and IP Counsel


Michael is the senior corporate and intellectual property counsel in RVL®’s Chattanooga office. His practice areas include copyright and trademark protection, licensing and litigation, complex business transactions, corporate compliance, e-commerce, government contracts, fundraising, securities, and alternative corporate structures including gig economy and benefit companies. Before joining RVL®, Michael worked overseas as in-house counsel to a multinational corporation focusing on international maritime and trade disputes, and mergers and acquisitions. During his time in Germany, Michael gained significant experience in negotiating and arbitrating disputes exceeding 1 million U.S. dollars and has since put this experience to work in the world of intellectual property. He has successfully represented clients in cross-border copyright ownership and licensing disputes, and trademark litigation involving several multinational corporations. Michael is also experienced in the ins and outs of corporate law and transactions. He routinely works with companies on incorporation, corporate governance, cap tables, capital raising, commercial transactions, insurance, liquidity events, and dispute management. When Michael’s not knee deep in the law, you’ll find him out in the woods training for his next ultramarathon.


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  • State of Tennessee