Our clients range from biotechs with significant IP assets to your classic two-coders-and-a-dream. We help both individuals and companies at various stages protect, assert, and monetize their intellectual property - inventions, slogans, back-of-napkin books and songs, you name it. For our corporate clients, we act as outside general counsel, offering the gamut of regulatory, securities, and transactional services on a first-name, text-if-you-like, no-hiding-behind-secretaries basis.


Artists, Artisans & Creative Agencies

While distinguishable in the space, we’re not just tech lawyers. Some of our favorite clients include hip-hop artists, novelists, and photographers. Creative individuals need knowledgeable counsel when it comes to copyright rights, contracts, commissions, distribution deals, and a host of other matters that are not altogether intuitive for left-brain thinkers.

Creative agencies are more indispensable than ever in today’s digital marketplace. In mastering media, agencies typically don’t bother with intellectual property or regulatory concerns, such as trademark infringement and impermissible therapeutic claims. RVL® provides general counsel to agencies on important legal matters that might arise in the design and branding of agency clients.


Benefit & Gig Economy Companies

Companies ranging from patagonia® to Warby Parker® to Hootsuite have successfully scaled while adopting triple-bottom-line business practices. Essentially, these companies have proven that you can be profitable and still be good corporate citizens. Whether you are an investor building a portfolio of social enterprise companies, or an emerging venture aligned with triple bottom line principles, we are well positioned as your daily or strategic counsel. As Tennessee's only B Corp® law firm and Best for the World awardee, we're aligned with your objectives and uniquely knowledgeable about corporate social responsibility.



Our attorneys are experienced commercialization agents. We’ve helped companies like Atomic Energy, Google, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, and Synthetic Genomics transition early stage inventions out of academic and federal labs and into products that benefit society. In representing licensors, licensees, and spinouts, we are knowledgeable of the various angles, considerations, and financials that make deals work.


Consumer Products

From dog poo detectors to educational software, meal delivery to uber masculine fragrances, we help clients navigate challenges in branding, corporate compliance, franchising, investment, licensing, manufacturing, online sales, real estate, taxation, and many other aspects of day-to-day business.



We help clients in the energy space primarily with advocacy, intellectual property, permitting, and regulatory needs. RVL® is a member of the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council, Tennessee Renewable Energy & Economic Development Council, and Tennessee Energy Mentors Network.


Beer, Biotech & Medical Device

While beer and biotech are not necessarily legally related, we suspect that a high-quality microbrew never hurt the advancement of a beneficial life science product. We help breweries protect and enforce the brands that stand out on store shelves and taps, and we guide life science clients through intellectual property, regulatory, and securities concerns to best ensure the productization of scientific research.


Technology & E-Commerce

Blend tech and law together and you’ve created a cocktail with enough industry jargon to make you wonder whether you’re still working with the English language. We speak tech and law. SaaS, domain names, internet privacy, IP licensing, website terms and agreements, and regulatory compliance are just a few of the areas we help our clients decode so they can focus on their business.