Our Approach to Law

As reformed entrepreneurs, we know firsthand what it takes to launch and scale an idea. Initially, your legal needs are all about precision, whether it’s proper entity formation or securing certain rights to launch.

As your venture gains momentum and expands, you need not only precision but depth, insight, and perhaps a little moxie for the various situations you encounter. Our very reason for (corporate) existence is to cover your everyday legal needs so you can focus on growth.

Meet Our Team

RVL® is a business, intellectual property, and technology firm, building today’s companies for tomorrow’s economies.

Kevin Christopher

Corporate & IP Counsel

Pierce Gordon, Ph.D.

RVL Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consultant

Bill Killian, Of Counsel

Former U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Tennessee

Lauren Hughes

Associate Counsel

Joshua Harrison, Ph.D.

RVL Data Technology Consultant

Alexandra Smith